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Matthew Taylor, NSFMitigating the Risks of Food Fraud in an Inflationary Environment

By Matthew Taylor, NSF

Food inflation can make it more difficult to maintain food product quality, safety, and transparency and lead to an increased risk of food fraud. Manufacturers and suppliers must remain extra vigilant and take proactive steps to mitigate the risks posed by stubbornly high food inflation and increasingly complex supply chains. The following four steps are key to protecting your products and your business.


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It is Time for Industry to Embrace Whole Genome Sequencing It is Time for Industry to Embrace Whole Genome Sequencing

By Food Safety Tech Staff

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) has become a powerful tool to track the origins of foodborne illness, but if industry views WGS as simply a tool for regulators, it is missing out on a valuable instrument to improve food safety within its facilities.

FDAFDA Calls for Enhanced Powdered Infant Formula Safety Measures in Letter to Industry

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The FDA sent a letter to manufacturers, packers, distributors, exporters, importers, and retailers involved in the manufacturing and distribution of powdered infant formula to share current safety information and call on the industry to take prompt action to improve processes and programs for the protection of our most vulnerable population.


SGSHow ISO Management System Standards for InfoSec and Business Continuity Can Help with Food Safety

Sponsored By SGS

No organization is immune from cyberattacks, but ISO standards can help mediate the impact on food processors and retailers and may reduce the duration of the disruption. Willy Fabritius, PMP and Warren Hojnacki of SGS share why Food and Agriculture are becoming larger targets for cyberattacks, the role information security plays in food safety and how to incorporate information security into your company’s current governance system.

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USDAUSDA Announces $43M Investment in Meat and Poultry Processing Research, Expansion and Innovation

By Food Safety Tech Staff

“Under the Biden-Harris Administration and through historic funding investments, USDA continues to invest in research processing expansion that will create new and better markets and expand opportunities for small businesses and rural communities. This investment will help enable that vision.”

Paul Damaren, Rizepoint, and Francine L. Shaw, Savvy Food SafetyThe Return to Hospitality:
How To Enhance Employee Onboarding

By Paul Damaren, Rizepoint, and Francine L. Shaw, Savvy Food Safety

As the foodservice industry recovers from labor shortages, proper onboarding and tools to improve employee retention are a must. Following are strategies you can incorporate to enhance training to deliver an exceptional consumer and employee experience with your business.

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