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Tyler Williams, ASIA Nugget of Welcome News:
USDA Adds Salmonella as a Chicken Adulterant

By Tyler Williams, ASI

With this proposed Salmonella rule, the U.S. is taking another important step toward ensuring the health of its citizens, and further enhancing consumer trust in the chicken products they buy.

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Emily NewtonFive Technologies Impacting the Beverage Industry

By Emily Newton, Revolutionized Magazine

Beverage companies are adopting many new technologies, but some have more promise than others. Here are the most impactful technologies in the sector today.


SGSFood Safety Tech Hazards Series: Supply Chain

Sponsored By SGS

This virtual event brings together subject matter experts with decades of food industry experience who will help you recognize when and how to pivot in the face of global supply chain issues, how to be nimble during these challenges and how to establish the adaptable mindset required to navigate supply chain disruptions.

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USDA Announces Food Safety Outreach Program GrantsUSDA Announces Food Safety Outreach Program Grants

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The USDA NIFA is offering grants to organizations that can develop and implement food safety training, education, extension, outreach and technical assistance projects that address the needs of owners and operators of small to mid-sized farms, beginning farmers, socially disadvantaged farmers, small processors, or small fresh fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalers.

FDAFDA Issues Two New Guidances on Food Allergen Labeling Requirements

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The draft guidance includes new questions and answers about food allergen labeling requirements and the labeling of major food allergens in dietary supplement products; clarifies information presented in earlier editions of the final guidance, such as the labeling of tree nuts, fish, and crustacean shellfish; and includes images that show examples of labeling requirements.

Kiwa Group Acquires ASI Food SafetyKiwa Group Acquires ASI Food Safety

By Food Safety Tech Staff

“Now that we have welcomed ASI to the Kiwa family, we can better provide our customers with a one-stop shop for food- and feed-related certification services on all continents.”


Development of a Simplified Assurance GDS workflow for Detection of Salmonella in CocoaDevelopment of a Simplified Assurance® GDS workflow for Detection of Salmonella in Cocoa

Sponsored By MilliporeSigma

Cocoa has antimicrobial properties and is a difficult matrix for the detection of Salmonella, which makes testing workflows more cumbersome than other food matrices. We created two simple, robust methods for PCR-based detection of Salmonella in cocoa (AOAC PTM 050602).

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