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15 Food, Beverage and CPG Groups Implore President Trump for COVID-19 Vaccine Priority

By Food Safety Tech Staff

A letter to the president supports prioritizing vaccine distribution to essential workers in critical infrastructure industries—including those involved in ensuring that the agricultural and food supply chains remain operational.



Bayer - Does Your Rodent monitoring System Leave You open to risk?

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2020 FSC Episode 11 Preview:Professional Development and Women in Food Safety
Supply Chain Management

By Food Safety Tech Staff

This week’s sessions will tackle risks and disruptions in the supply chain, and features an FDA panel discussion on the Third-Party Certification Program.

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Kari Hensien, RizePoint7 Trends Expediting Modernization in Food Industry

By Kari Hensien, RizePoint

The technology-based future we were anticipating to happen in 10 years is already here.

USDA Issues Public Health Alert for TamalesUSDA Issues Public Health Alert for Tamales Due to Potential Foreign Matter Contamination

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The ready-to-eat chicken and pork tamales contain diced tomatoes in puree that were recalled by the producer for possibly containing hard plastic.

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Alex Kinne, Thermo Fisher ScientificThe Importance of Metal Detection in Preventing Food Contamination

By Alex Kinne, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product recalls due to foreign objects cost food companies millions of dollars, damage their brand, and pose a risk to consumers.

Food Fraud Quick Bites

A Sticky Criminal EndeavorA Sticky Criminal Endeavor

By Susanne Kuehne, Decernis

Honey fraud continues to be widespread after low EU harvest.

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Tom Gosselin, DNV GL Time to Get More Value From Social Audits

By Tom Gosselin,
DNV GL – Business Assurance

A growing number of organizations strongly believe that social responsibility and profits are not mutually exclusive. This is especially important now for the food sector, where some companies are undergoing a major shift in workforce and supply chain management.

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Controlant - Get ready for the New Era of Smarter Food Safety
2020 Food Safety Consortium

Resource Centers are single topic focused micro-sites within that are portals of food safety and quality news, articles, white papers, case histories and videos.

Decernis - Food Regulation Questions? Food Labeling Queries?

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DNV GLMaintaining FSSC 22000 Certification through the COVID-19 Crisis

Remote audits: listen to the update on the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in delivering FSSC 22000 audits remotely and the application of remote audits in maintaining FSSC 22000 certification and food safety assurance through the COVID-19 crisis.

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New Sanitation System Fills the Gaps in Traditional ATP Testing MethodsNew Sanitation System Fills the Gaps in Traditional ATP Testing Methods

ATP is the most widely used sanitation indicator test, but ATP is unstable and rapidly decomposes. This means conventional systems that test for ATP alone may miss bacteria and pathogens. New technology is now available to detect this hidden contamination.

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NovNovember 19, 2020 - 12pm - 3pm EST
Supply Chain Management Episode of the Food Safety Consortium Virtual Conference

On-Demand Webinars Operations:
Places Pests Slide Into Your Facility Unnoticed

While no two facilities are exactly alike, what they have in common are the main ingredients for a potential pest problem: food, water and shelter. Board certified entomologist and Orkin Technical Services Manager Frank Meek discusses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tactics for each of your facility’s pest hot spots. Recorded: July 29, 2020.

Integrated Pest ManagementIntegrated Pest Management:
Protect Food Safety and Prevent the Spread of Pathogens

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of pest management is more important than ever in retail/restaurant settings as well as in food production facilities. During this virtual conference, subject matter experts in IPM and sanitation will discuss how advances in technology can help your company work smarter while protecting your facility from potential damage and the spread of pathogens caused by pests, both of which can significantly compromise food safety. Recorded: June 30, 2020.

Instant Replay & Update: Is Your Plant COVID-19 Safe?Instant Replay & Update: Is Your Plant COVID-19 Safe?

The U.S. food industry is struggling to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the meat and poultry sector have been at the forefront of this issue. Using CDC and WHO Guidance, this webinar will provide practical tips on best practices to mitigate workplace exposure based on what is currently known about the COVID-19 virus. Recorded: July 14, 2020.

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