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Olivia Pitts, GaMEPInternal Audit Planning:
The Key to a Successful Audit Program

By Olivia Pitts, GaMEP

Taking time to plan is a crucial step in the internal auditing process. Without sufficient planning, audits can often encounter roadblocks that lead to lackluster results. This article provides an overview of key planning steps that will help keep audits on track and within scope. The goal is to provide guidance for developing a well-organized internal audit program that will lead to improvements across the organization.


ASI - Need a Cannabis Audit for Infused_____

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Biros’ Blog

In Defense of FSMA

By Rick Biros, Food Safety Tech

The New York Times reports that “hundreds of American children were poisoned last year. Records show how, time and time again, the contamination went unnoticed.” This is misleading.

FDA Issues Guidance on Premarket Engagement for Foods Derived from Genome-Edited Plants

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The guidance describes two processes through which companies may voluntarily inform the FDA of the steps they have taken to ensure the safety of foods from their genome-edited plant varieties: premarket consultations for higher risk foods and voluntary premarket meetings for lower-risk foods.


9 Steps to a Strong Supplier Approval Program9 Steps to a Strong Supplier Approval Program

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Onboarding new suppliers is challenging if you don't have a robust structure in place. Reduce the risk of issues occurring further down the line and read this free guide to see if you're set up correctly.

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USDA FSIS Releases 2023 Foodborne Illness Outbreak Report

By Food Safety Tech Staff

In 2023, FSIS investigated six outbreaks. Three were caused by Salmonella, two by STEC (serogroup O157:H7), and one investigation involved a report of botulism.

Checklists: Useful Tools or Traps?

By Bob Lijana

Checklists can serve as a crutch or a divining rod for continual improvement. In this article, we look at the role of checklists, how to develop them, and how to measure their success or failure in ensuring food safety.

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