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Bob LijanaChecklists: Useful Tools or Traps?

By Bob Lijana

Checklists can serve as a crutch or a divining rod for continual improvement. In this article, we look at the role of checklists, how to develop them, and how to measure their success or failure in ensuring food safety.


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Food Safety Is About Trust and Relationships

By Food Safety Tech Staff

Jorge Hernandez, VP of Quality Assurance at The Wendy’s Company, shares his views on the future of food safety, what inspectors need to understand about the food industry and why developing relationships and trust is essential to a safer food system.

FDA Identifies Suspect in Lead Contamination Investigation

By Food Safety Tech Staff

On Tuesday, the FDA announced a suspect in the WanaBana cinnamon-applesauce pouch contamination investigation. To date, there have been 100 confirmed cases of lead poisoning, 277 probable cases and 36 suspected cases of for a total of 413 cases from 43 different states.


Simon Hird, WatersAsk the Expert:
Plant Toxins – A Growing Global Food Safety Issue

By Simon Hird, PhD, Waters Corporation

The number of food alerts related to plant toxins, including pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) and tropane alkaloids (TAs), is increasing. Fortunately, new liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry testing methods enable more accurate and efficient detection.

Tips for Building a Robust Internal Audit Program

By Olivia Pitts, GaMEP

There are many ways to build a successful internal audit program. Taking the time upfront to identify the format, structure and team members is critical. In this article we discuss the key elements of a successful program and provide guidance to ensure that audits add value to the daily operations across the facility.

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Analytix Reporter Special Edition: Food & BeverageAnalytix Reporter Special Edition: Food & Beverage

Sponsored By MilliporeSigma

As the food and beverage industry constantly adapts to changing consumer demands (safer, healthier, and awareness of origin, authenticity, and sustainability), testing requirements are also changing, adding new and additional responsibilities to F&B labs.

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