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Emily Newton, Revolutionized MagazineLevel Up Safety with Food Packaging Automation Technologies

By Emily Newton, Revolutionized Magazine

What technologies should leaders prioritize when investing in food packaging automation? Here are three worthwhile options.

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Norovirus Season Is HereNorovirus Season Is Here:
Foodservice Actions To Help Prevent Outbreaks

By Food Safety Tech Staff

“In 2022, the U.S. saw the largest number of norovirus outbreaks in more than 10 years. In 2023, we can expect even more norovirus infections will be circulating in our communities.”


Food Safety Tech Hazards Series: Physical & Chemical HazardsFood Safety Tech Hazards Series:
Physical and Chemical Hazards

Sponsored By Columbia Laboratories
and Mérieux NutriSciences

Regulators, and members of industry and academia cover the key chemical and physical hazards facing the food industry and how to prevent and detect contamination in your supply chain and manufacturing facilities. Presenters include Wendy White, Georgia Institute of Technology; NSF’s Geoff Farrell; Jessica Cox and Carole Brevett of the DHS Chemical Security Analysis Center; Steven Gendel, Ph.D.; and Bill South, Ph.D., of the FDA CFSAN.

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Mastovska Named AOAC Deputy Executive Director and Chief Science OfficerMastovska Named AOAC Deputy Executive Director and
Chief Science Officer

By Food Safety Tech Staff

Dr. Mastovska has extensive experience in research chemistry, which includes working for the University of Chemistry & Technology in Prague, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and founding her own independent consulting business, Excellcon International.

Jeff Chilton, Intertek AlchemyWhat Food Manufacturers Can Learn from the
Baby Formula Recall

By Jeff Chilton, Intertek Alchemy

The baby formula recalls of 2022 are a cautionary tale for food manufacturers across the country. Here are some lessons that food manufacturers can learn from that tragic event so they can avoid the mistakes that caused a major crisis.

Challenges and Best Practices in Developing a Strong Food Safety CultureChallenges and Best Practices in Developing a Strong
Food Safety Culture

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The FDA’s systematic literature review highlighted the need for a “we” mentality when promoting food safety and cautioned against overreliance on food safety management systems and an organizational focus on cost savings.


Development of a Simplified Assurance® GDS workflow for Detection of Salmonella in CocoaDevelopment of a Simplified Assurance® GDS workflow
for Detection of Salmonella in Cocoa

Sponsored By MilliporeSigma

Cocoa has antimicrobial properties and is a difficult matrix for the detection of Salmonella. Cocoa testing workflows are therefore quite cumbersome relative to other food matrices. Our goal was to create simple, robust methods for PCR-based detection of Salmonella in cocoa (AOAC PTM 050602). In this poster we describe two sample preparation workflows, each with their own advantages. The double IMS method is validation (AFNOR TRA 02/12-01/09) and offers large enrichment sampling volume. The second is a “direct dilution” method that offers the simplicity of only one immunocapture step. Download the poster now to learn more about these sample preparation workflows for Cocoa.

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