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Scott Pritchett, Thermo Fisher ScientificModern Mycotoxin Testing:
How Advanced Detection Solutions Help Protect Brands and Consumers

By Scott Pritchett, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Mycotoxin contamination of crops and food threatens human, animal, and economic health. To protect human and animal health, testing is required. However, mycotoxin testing is challenging and getting more complex owing to increasingly stringent regulations, emerging mycotoxins, and the drive for greater testing productivity. Here we discuss how advanced detection tools and workflows can help testing labs overcome these challenges to better protect global food safety.

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Women in Food Safety

Ingrid Munoz, StarKist GalapescaObstacles Help Us Grow Stronger

By Melody Ge, Starkist

Ingrid Munoz, FSQA Manager at the StarKist Galapesca, shares how passion, discipline, determination and a willingness to step out of the comfort zone have propelled her career, and can also propel a new generation of female FSQA leaders.

World Health Organization (WHO)WHO Convenes Panel to Identify Priority Pathogens
for Research and Oversight

By Food Safety Tech Staff

More than 300 scientists will consider the evidence on over 25 virus families and bacteria—as well as “Disease X” (an unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic)—and recommend a list of priority pathogens that need further research and investment.


Sponsored By Rentokil North America and ActiveSense® SystemFood Hazards Series: Pest Management

Sponsored By Rentokil North America and ActiveSense® System

Pest infestations are the No. 1 cause of regulatory fines in the food and beverage industry. Learn where food processors are missing the mark and how to proactively prevent infestations in your facility. Presenters include: Mark Crowe of the USDA FSIS; pest management expert Chelle Hartzer BCE, PCQI; Angela Anandappa, Ph.D., of the Alliance for Advanced Sanitation; Tammie Van Buren of the SQF Institute; and Alexandria Hammel, Downstream Quality Expert at Nestle Purina.

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Listeria Outbreak Response: Actions To Take NowListeria Outbreak Response:
Actions To Take Now

By Food Safety Tech Staff

Two multistate Listeria outbreaks highlight the need for enhanced vigilance in retail food environments. Following are steps to take now to reduce the risk of contaminated food in your facility.

The X5 SideShoot New X-Ray Inspection System Accommodates Taller Products

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The X5 SideShoot can inspect product packaging up to 265mm in height and detect metal, glass, bone, ceramic/stone, dense plastics and product clumps.

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