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Frank Meek, RollinsMake Your Facility A No-Fly Zone:
Fly Prevention Practices

By Frank Meek, Rollins

The types of flies that impact food-handling establishments the most are “filth” flies, which transmit diseases, and “nuisance” flies, which typically do not. While these pests are all flies, different types of flies require different control methods.

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Emily Newton, Revolutionized magazineFive Advances in Food Processing Machinery Driving Growth

By Emily Newton, Revolutionized magazine

Innovations in food processing machinery—from intelligent robots to energy-efficient motors for food and beverage processing—are driving growth in the industry.

Intertek Alchemy Global Food Safety SurveyGlobal Food Safety Survey Reveals Challenges and Opportunities in Employee Training Practices

By Food Safety Tech Staff

Data analysis from more than 2,000 food industry professionals revealed challenges in employee training as well as specific actions that enable companies to have stronger food safety outcomes.


A Comparison: Granulated vs. Powdered Dehydrated Culture MediaA Comparison: Granulated vs. Powdered Dehydrated Culture Media

Dehydrated culture media to prepare broths or agar plates for food & beverage testing are available not only as powders but also as granules. Granulation involves an additional manufacturing step, so why is it done? Learn how these two media formats compare with respect to growth promotion, safety, accuracy, speed, convenience, and shelf life.

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USDAUSDA Declares Salmonella an Adulterant in Breaded Stuffed Raw Chicken Products

By Food Safety Tech Staff

By declaring Salmonella an adulterant in these products, breaded and stuffed raw chicken products will be considered adulterated when they exceed a very low level of Salmonella contamination and would be subject to regulatory action.

National Assessment Aims to Identify Food Safety Training NeedsNational Assessment Aims to Identify Food Safety
Training Needs

By Food Safety Tech Staff

“With so many competing interests pursuing the same financial resources, it is important that we determine where the training dollars are needed most. This survey will look at the intersection between curricula and needs in the retail food regulatory community to identify the gaps in the integrated food safety system.”

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