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Food Fraud Quick Bites

The Many Ways To Make Fraudulent Olive OilThe Many Ways To Make Fraudulent Olive Oil

By Susanne Kuehne, Decernis

An EU study investigates olive oil fraud.

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Jim Yarbrough and Neil Coole, BSI AmericasCOVID-19’s Impact on Food Industry Reaches Far
Beyond Supermarket Shelves

By Jim Yarbrough and Neil Coole, BSI Americas

The pandemic’s long-term effect on food supply chains is expected to result in increased threats, including fraud, theft and safety issues.

FST Soapbox

Stephen Dombroski, QADFood Insecurity Vs. Food Waste:
Producers and Manufacturers Can Affect the Balance

By Stephen Dombroski, QAD

As the population continues to grow and the effects of climate change, global warming, pollution and other factors impact humanity’s ability to grow and provide enough food for itself, the concern that the world could run out of food is increasing.. The COVID-19 pandemic has put more focus on how fragile the food supply chain is and how easy it is to disrupt the process of feeding the world.

FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank YiannasFDA Focusing on Fostering Food Safety Culture,
Truly Bending the Curve of Foodborne Illness

By Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief

The past year has tested and stressed the food system, putting tremendous pressure on worker safety and supply chain resilience. Despite the challenges, the industry continued to work day in and day out to meet the needs of Americans. “Consumers could still go then and now to their favorite supermarket or online platform and have access to thousands of food SKUs that are available,” said Frank Yiannas, FDA deputy commissioner for food policy and response. “We have the people in the food and agriculture sector to thank, and that’s you.”

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FST Soapbox

Deane Falcone, Ph.D., CropOneE. Coli on the Rise: Lettuce Explain

By Deane Falcone, Ph.D., CropOne

A look at what causes E. coli outbreaks in leafy greens, why they are so common, and how they can be prevented.

Food Fraud Quick Bites

Why Is Honey Fraud Such a Problem?Why Is Honey Fraud Such a Problem?

By Karen Everstine, Ph.D., Decernis;
Gina Clapper, USP; and
Norberto Luis Garcia, Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahía Blanca (Argentina)

There are challenges with defining and authenticating honey, and testing to ensure its authenticity is not always straightforward.

FASTER Act Requires Sesame Labeling on Food PackagingPresident Biden Signs FASTER Act, Requiring Sesame Labeling on Food Packaging

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The law expands the definition of major food allergen to include sesame.


 Quality Management Software: A Buyer’s Guide for Modern Quality TeamsQuality Management Software:
A Buyer’s Guide for Modern Quality Teams

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In an ever-more connected world, quality teams don’t have the visibility they need. Pen and paper evaluations transferred to spreadsheets have been the norm for decades. But sparse, disconnected data doesn’t cut it anymore.

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Food Safety Culture Club

Deborah A. Coviello, Illumination Partners, LLC3 Tips to Managing Hard Conversations with Your Team

By Deborah A. Coviello, Illumination Partners, LLC

In order to move successfully through a food safety crisis, it’s important to provide your team with the resources and environment to perform at their highest potential.

Women in Food Safety

Mitzi Baum, Stop Foodborne IllnessNon-Profit Food Safety Careers:
An Interview with Mitzi Baum at Stop Foodborne Illness

By Jill Hoffman, McCormick & Company

Having a leadership role in the non-profit sector requires taking an all-inclusive approach to business and people.

Food Safety Tech Survey

Food Safety Tech SurveyAre You Ready to Return to Corporate Travel?

By Food Safety Tech Staff

Business travel took a nosedive in 2020. Our latest survey aims to put a finger on the pulse of industry professionals and their ability to travel to events next year.

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Strengthening Food Safety Programs from the Foundation UpStrengthening Food Safety Programs from
the Foundation Up

Sponsored By GS1 US, Inc.

GS1 Standards support successful food traceability programs. This document will outline some of the key standards and the critical roles they play to support a successful food traceability program in the “New Era.”

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Digitalization in Food & Beverage

Sponsored By Siemens

How InvisiShield Reduces Fungal Growth on Berries

Sponsored By Aptar Food + Beverage

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