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As Cyber Threats Evolve, Can Food Companies Keep Up?As Cyber Threats Evolve, Can Food Companies Keep Up?

By Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief

Until food companies develop robust defense strategies to prevent cyberattacks, they will remain easy targets.



Simulation in the consumer products industrySimulation in the consumer products industry:
Assessing the role of physics-based simulation in realizing
a digital twin

Sponsored By Siemens

Why is ketchup physics so difficult? Can we simulate sterilization and pasteurization of food products? How do we design bottles that don’t drip?

All of these questions are related to the complex physico-chemical phenomena and interactions that happen at the product and manufacturing level. The ability to perform product and process simulation for food and beverage is becoming a competitive advantage that lets companies launch more products faster to market.

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Women in Food Safety

Mitzi Baum, Stop Foodborne IllnessNon-Profit Food Safety Careers:
An Interview with Mitzi Baum at Stop Foodborne Illness

By Jill Hoffman, McCormick & Company

Having a leadership role in the non-profit sector requires taking an all-inclusive approach to business and people.

Beech-Nut Recalls Infant Single Grain Rice Cereal Due to High Inorganic Arsenic Levels, Pulls Out of Market SegmentBeech-Nut Recalls Infant Single Grain Rice Cereal Due to High Inorganic Arsenic Levels,
Pulls Out of Market Segment

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The company is concerned that it will not be able to consistently obtain rice flour that is well-below FDA’s guidance level for naturally occurring inorganic arsenic.

Rizepoint - Excel at Quality Management with Spreadsheets - We'll Show You How

Food Fraud Quick Bites

An Organized Raid Against Organized CrimeAn Organized Raid Against Organized Crime

By Susanne Kuehne, Decernis

During the 1930s, artichokes were at the center of a sting operation in New York City.


Bryce Romney, RizePointAsk the Expert:
Identifying the Best Fit in Quality Management Software

Beginning the procurement process and selecting a vendor for enterprise quality management software is a time-consuming, high-stakes choice for most companies. Bryce Romney, RizePoint Director of Product, talks about how companies can make the most of their investment and successfully navigate the process of finding a software vendor that is a good business fit.



The Absolut CompanyThe Absolut Company
World-class manufacturing with Siemens manufacturing operations management

Sponsored By Siemens

The operational demands for the food and beverage industry, from supply chain disruptions to ever-changing customer expectations, have reached a new level. The need for speed and agility for retailers and brands to operate in today’s environment are greater than ever. The Absolut Company understands that digitalization is the key to continuing to be at the forefront of a changing industry.

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Pandemic Forced Food Companies to Assess Agility, Focus on DataPandemic Forced Food Companies to Assess Agility,
Focus on Data

By Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief

The companies that survived and even thrived during the crisis were swift to adjust their business processes.

Intelex - New E-Book: Managing Today's Food Supply Chain: Insights and Resources
Innovative Publishing Company, Inc. - COVID-19 Resources
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Accepting the Present and Protecting the FutureAccepting the Present and Protecting the Future: How the Food Industry Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sponsored By Intelex

We don't usually worry about grocery store shelves being empty. That all changed in 2020, when COVID-19 provoked fears that the global food supply chain might collapse. Learn about important lessons on resiliency from the food and beverage industry.

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Book Preview:
Food Fraud: A Global Threat with Public Health and Economic Consequences

Edited By Rosalee S. Hellberg, Karen Everstine, and Steven A. Sklare

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