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Recorded on July 26, 2023

Food Safety Hazards:

Managing Supply Chain Risks

Managing Supply Chain Risks

Supply chain risks have a significant impact on food safety and quality. Maintaining communication, approving new suppliers in times of geopolitical conflict and product shortages, and conforming to the coming FSMA Traceability Final Rule are among the inherent challenges now facing supply chain managers and food safety professionals. In this webinar, we look at strategies to reduce supply chain risks from pre-approval through the management of existing suppliers and highlight opportunities to improve collaboration and protocols in preparation for implementation of the Food Traceability Final Rule.


12:00 pm - 12:05 pm – Welcome and Introductions
Inga Hansen, Managing Editor, Food Safety Tech

12:05 pm - 12:35 pm – Pre-approval and Onboarding of New Suppliers
Gary Smith, Vice President of Quality Systems, Food Brands at 1-800-Flowers

12:35 pm - 12:55 pm – The Impact of Digitalization of Food Safety
Sara Jane Bellocchi, Networked Ingredients Functional Consultant, TraceGains

This session explores the intersection of automation and AI in the context of material lot compliance. Sara Jane will delve into the potential of leveraging these technologies to streamline and enhance compliance processes, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and quality standards. Additionally, the session touches on the application of automation and AI in addressing Corrective and Preventive Actions (CARs or CAPAs), offering insights into how these advancements can optimize efficiency and effectiveness in managing non-conformances and driving continuous improvement.

12:55 pm - 1:25 pm - Tips to Improve Supplier Management Maintenance 
Trish Wester, President of the Association for Food Safety Auditing Professionals

FSMA’s rules include some very specific requirements for pre-purchase supplier approvals. But supplier management doesn’t end with the initial approval, it requires a comprehensive plan that ensures product safety criteria are continuously met. This session will look at some steps for improving your program.

1:25 pm - 1:55 pm – Advancing Traceability Through Innovation and Collaboration
Blake Harris, Technical Director of the Global Food Traceability Center, Institute of Food Technologists

The successful implementation of the FDA’s Food Traceability Rule requires a dual approach, combining collaborative efforts from the industry as a whole and the integration of technologies to capture and share data. This session will dig into the transformative shifts within the technology landscape and offer valuable insights into both macro and micro investment considerations. We will also address the practical challenges associated with designing technology solutions for real-world applications and highlight ongoing initiatives aimed at fostering connectivity among these technologies. Additionally, we will explore the pressing need for community engagement and collaboration, and the opportunities that arise from such collective endeavors.

1:55 pm - 2:00 pm – Wrap up and Conference Close


Gary Smith
Gary Smith
Vice President, Quality Systems
Food Brands @ 1-800-Flowers
Blake Harris
Blake Harris
Technical Director, Global Traceability Center
Institute of Food Technologists
Trish Wester
Trish Wester
Association of Food Safety Auditing Professionals
Sara Jane Bellocchi
Sara Jane Bellocchi
Networked Ingredients Functional Consultant

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