The More The Merrier: A Mutli-Hurdle Approach to Detection

Prevention of foreign object contamination is a growing priority for food processors. Many processors are looking for new and innovative solutions to help automate detection and increase the likelihood of finding foreign materials. One reason for this trend is that materials like plastics and rubber are showing up with greater frequency, and these materials are often missed by metal detectors and x-rays.

Multi-hurdle approaches (which are used in many other environments) are becoming a more common  approach to foreign materials detection in processing plants. Multi-hurdle approaches may start with suppliers and with changes to processes to prevent foreign materials from entering your product stream. And within the plant, combining existing technologies like x-ray and metal detections with new technologies like vision systems can create better inspection outcomes.

This webinar starts by looking at what a multi-hurdle approach can look like in different environments as well as considering some best practices in implementing this practice.

This webinar looks at an emerging set of technologies for automated inspection: vision systems, and shares how these systems work and look at the benefits and draw-backs of different types of vision systems.

At the end of the webinar, you will get some suggestions on how to evaluate the effectiveness of any new inspection system you’re considering, no matter what technology it might use.

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