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Volume 7 Issue No. 42

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How Workflow Advances Raise the Bar in LC-MS/MS Veterinary Drug QuantitationHow Workflow Advances Raise the Bar in LC-MS/MS
Veterinary Drug Quantitation

By Ed George, Thermo Fisher Scientific

From sample preparation to analyte detection, end-to-end advances in multi-residue veterinary drug analysis workflows are meeting the needs of modern food testing laboratories.


SafetyChain - Improved Productivity, Profitability & Compliance for Food Companies

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FST Soapbox

Timothy Lozier, EtQ, Inc.How to Mitigate Risks and Issues in Your Supply Chain

By Timothy Lozier, EtQ, Inc.

Don’t let uncertainty cause problems that could negatively affect your business, customers and reputation.


In the Food Lab

Stephanie Pollard, Clear LabsThe Power of Advanced NGS Technology in Routine
Pathogen Testing

By Stephanie Pollard, Clear Labs

The food industry is beginning to transition into an era of big data and analytics unlike anything the industry has ever experienced. However, while the evolution of big data brings excitement and the buzz of new possibilities, it also comes coupled with an element of confusion due to the lack of tools for interpretation and lack of practical applications of the newly available information.

Food Safety Training

FST's Food Safety Training CalendarForeign Supplier Verification Program Workshop
October 23–24, Santa Ana, CA

Don’t miss this course, which takes place October 23–24 in Santa Ana, CA.

From Cannabis Industry Journal

Ellice Ogle, Tandem Food Safety Consulting LLCConcentrate On a Food Safety Culture In Your Workplace

By Ellice Ogle,
Tandem Food Safety Consulting LLC

Building a strong food safety culture is particularly relevant to the cannabis workplace because of the unique history of the workers and the unique needs of the consumers.


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EurofinsExclusive Training Course: Environment Monitoring Programs

Join us November 12-13, in Fresno, CA! Eurofins invites you to our exclusive training course in partnership with UC Davis. The course offers in-depth knowledge into Environmental Monitoring Programs, intended for those that are looking to improve or implement an EMP in their facility. This course will be facilitated by Linda J. Harris, PhD, whose research focuses on microbial food safety, with an emphasis in fresh fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts. Register today, we hope to see you in Fresno!


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ControlantExplain to Your Boss the Need for Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

“Selling Cold Chain Visibility To Your C-Suite”

Download This White Paper: Temperature has one of the greatest impacts on food safety, which makes cold chain safety paramount. Despite the regulatory standards, it is no longer sufficient to only track and trace food products one step up or one step down the food chain. There are new risks being identified with foods at every step of the supply chain, along with a greater capacity to link food with illness. Learn about Cold Chain as a Service.


FoodchainIdentify and Manage Food Safety Supply Chain Hazards

Complimentary Webinar: 11/6 @ 2:00 Eastern Time

Supply chain hazards can represent significant food safety vulnerability. Identifying hazards is critical to brand protection, and is a key requirement of FSMA But in practice it can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. In this webinar, you’ll learn the latest updates on FSMA’s Preventive Control Rule and FSVP. We will also present a fast, comprehensive way to identify and rank the hazards that are most likely to threaten your food ingredients. Register today!


USPExperience the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC)

Food production involves long and complex supply chains. Documentation associated with ingredients throughout the production process may or may not be accurate and complete. However, testing against independently created standards provides confirmation that the ingredients are what they claim to be. The "FCC" contains internationally recognized independent food standards. With over 1,200 monographs that include analytical methods and specifications, you can verify the identity, purity and quality of your food ingredients.


Eurofins GMO Testing Solutions

Eurofins TechnologiesDo you export commodities such as soybeans or corn? If so, you could be required to have them tested for the presence of biotech crops, most often referred to as ‘GMOs’. Whether you are considering GMO testing in-house or outsourcing your testing needs to contract laboratories, let Eurofins be your trusted partner and guide.

Want to learn more about GMO testing from leading experts? For independent third party GMO testing, you can rely on our ISO 17025 accredited state-of-the art laboratories at Eurofins GeneScan with industry-leading testing services. Contact us for fast, reliable results, including the option for same-day service.

Are you considering starting up an in-house GMO testing lab? Eurofins’ team of experts can consult you in the ins and outs, and provide a fully customized, on-site training for your laboratory, helping you set up the required processes.

To expedite testing operations, Eurofins Technologies offers a broad range of GMO test kits for real-time PCR. Our highly competent specialists are ready to advise your teams throughout the entire in-house testing process. Reach out to our team today and we will help you to find the best testing solution for your business.


Discover our GMO offer online

Antimicrobial Disposable Gloves
for Food Processing, Preparation,
and Cleaning.

GloDeaAntimicrobial d2p technology is a proprietary process of integrating the antimicrobial additive into plastics, textiles, and more.

The active ingredient in d2p is registered with the US EPA for a variety of uses as an antimicrobial additive in materials, including those that come in contact with food. The components of d2p are on the GRAS list.

How does d2p work?

  • d2p is integrated into material during the manufacturing process
  • It penetrates the cells and stops them from multipl
  • d2p Kills the microorganism via stopping the proton pumps
  • The microorganism breaks down and ceases to function
  • d2p remains active for the life of the product

Other AM products include a full line of masks, caps, hair nets, caps, gowns, lab coats, isolation gowns, and shoe covers.

Visit GloDea at the Food Safety Consortium’s Booth #320, and check your show bag for a sample HDPE glove.


Request a Complimentary Sample Pair of Gloves
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