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Volume 7 Issue No. 38

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Food FraudFood Fraud:
How Chemical Fingerprinting Adds Science to the Supply Chain

By Sam Lind, Ph.D., Oritain

Guaranteeing product integrity is more important than ever for food manufacturers and suppliers. As the scale of food fraud becomes more and more apparent, a heightened sensitivity and awareness of the problem is leading to an increasing number of cases being uncovered.


SafetyChain - Improved Productivity, Profitability & Compliance for Food Companies

Featured Articles

Abhijeet Shah, Packing SupplyFood Packaging:
Roles, Materials and Environmental Issues

By Abhijeet Shah, Packing Supply

This article is about the different types of food packaging, their individual roles in the packaging industry along with how to minimize their effects on our environment through waste prevention, recycling and composting.

FDAFDA Issues Guidance Document
for Qualified Facilities Under
FSMA Rules

By Food Safety Tech Staff

The guidance will help food facilities determine if they are considered a qualified facility under the Preventive Controls for Human Food or Preventive Controls for Animal Food rules.


Food Safety Training

FST's Food Safety Training CalendarPreventive Controls Human Food
September 26-28, Des Moines, IA

Attend this course next week in Des Moines, Iowa.

California Proposition 65California Proposition 65 To Impact Food Labels

By Nick Recht, TEKLYNX International

Proposition 65 underscores the importance of an agile labeling environment for food manufacturers, particularly as it relates to their ability to adjust labels prior to compliance deadlines.


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Micro EssentialIs your sanitizer actually working? Proper test procedures are key!

Testing your sanitizer’s concentration is the only way to know if your sanitizer is ready for use. Whether you use chlorine or quat based sanitizer, testing to ensure the concentration is correct can prevent cross-contamination and keep your customers safe. That’s why state and local health codes require sanitizer testing. To learn the testing procedures that will help you avoid health code violations and protect your customers.

Check out our video guide to sanitizer testing.


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FST's Food Safety Training Calendar

Sponsored Resources

OrkinPest Management's Role in Food Safety and FSMA Compliance

Complimentary Webinar: 9/26 @ 1:00pm EDT

Pests are a major threat to the integrity of food products and the bottom line. FSMA mandates a proactive approach to food safety, and by extension pest management. It’s important to have an Integrated Pest Management program in place that is exhaustive and integrates seamlessly into the overarching food safety plan. Join the discussion on preventive pest management controls that should be implemented to help ensure the safest food facility possible.


FoodLogiQMaximize ROI with Supply Chain Traceability

The food supply chain is one of the most important business aspects of food companies and restaurants. An efficient, well-managed supply chain can help improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and improve brand reputation. But these benefits are only achievable if supply chains are monitored and tracked using real-time software technology. Download the e-book and learn more about the benefits of whole chain traceability.


DecernisProtect Your Brand – Combat Food Fraud

Decernis’ Food Fraud Database is a continuously updated collection of thousands of ingredients and related global records. This comprehensive information is gathered from scientific literature, media publications, regulatory reports, judicial records, and trade associations, searchable by ingredient, adulterant, country and hazard classification. A customizable dashboard and weekly email alerts allow you to identify trends and monitor your ingredients of interest. Sign up for a complimentary demo today!


Quit Playing Hide & Seek with Biofilm...
Make the Invisible... Visible!

Indicon GelRapidly detect the presence of biofilm harborage niches in your plants with Sterilex’s New Indicon® Gel. Indicon Gel is a rapid biological hygiene indicator that is easy to use, cost-effective, and provides a rapid visual indication of the presence of biofilm on a surface. The surface may contain microorganisms such as Listeria, E. coli or Salmonella. Note, the lack of a positive reaction from Indicon Gel does not guarantee that the surface is free from microorganisms. Indicon Gel is not meant to take the place of routine microbial monitoring or organism-specific diagnostic tests.


Visit to learn more!

Leading Food Safety Compliance & Certification Services Focused on Business Value

Kestrel Management - Complimentary Food Safety Program ReviewA global supply chain exposes companies within the food supply chain to increased risk. Kestrel helps these companies manage risks, achieve food safety compliance/certification & realize sustained business value.

Led by a team of senior consultants averaging over 25 years of experience, Kestrel’s industry experts:

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of FSMA rules/requirements
  • Offer value-added assessment/development services to establish/maintain food safety programs
  • Help companies fulfill compliance requirements of GFSI-benchmarked standards
  • Address current issues, including Foreign Supplier Verification, food defense testing & audit/inspection readiness
  • Are certified in ISO 9001, FSSC22000, BRC, IFS, SQF, PCQI & as HACCP trainers

From food manufacturing to ingredients, packaging, dietary supplements, chemicals & logistics, we develop food safety compliance/certification solutions that allow organizations to meet requirements, operate more reliably & realize sustainable growth.


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