Food Safety Tech

Food Safety Supply Chain Conference Presentation Submission Form

We are looking for presentations on the following topics:

  • Food Safety Supply Chain Vulnerabilities & Solutions
  • Supplier Audits & Inspections
  • How to write Supplier Specifications
  • Supply Chain Traceability & Tracking
  • Blockchain Technology
  • FSMA's FSVP Compliance Tools & Best Practices
  • Data, Predicitive Analysis
  • Recalls: barcode labeling, case histories and lessons learned 
  • Testing Strategies of the Supply Chain
  • Supplier Verification Best Practices
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Food Authenticity
  • Suppliers Food Safety Training
  • Food Safety Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
  • Food Safety/Quality Culture measurement in supplier management
  • Supplier Management Case Histories

The total time allotted to each presentation is 45 minutes.  Presentations should be about 35 minutes allowing time for Questions & Answers and should not have more than 30 slides. 

Presentations will be judged on their educational merit.  Speaker registration for the Food Safety Supply Chain Conference is complimentary but the presenter is responsible for his/her own travel expenses to the conference.

Please note, it your presentation is technology focused, do not provide us with a presentation focused on your product, it's features or your company.  This is a sensitive topic that we take seriously.  Attendees can be quickly turned off to both your company and our conference if they feel they are sitting through a sales pitch.  Again, presentations will be judged on their educational merit. 

However, we will provide four time slots for 15 minute sponsored technology presentations as part of the conference.  They will be identified as sponsored presentations and are the proper time and place for commercial presentations focused on products and features.  If we do feel that your presentation is commercial in nature, we will notify you and explain your options. 

The abstract submission deadline is February 10.  We will notify everyone who submits an abstract on the status of acceptance by February 17.  For those whose abstracts have been selected, we will need the completed presentation by April 21.

Thank you for your submission. 

Rick Biros, Conference Director

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